Welcome to Barham

Centrally located along the Murray River and interlaced with rivers, creeks & lagoons, the Twin Towns of Barham Koondrook have charm and character a plenty and offer many choices for a day trip, weekend or extended holiday.

Beyond the expected country hospitality and charm, the towns offer national parks, state forests, picturesque recreation areas and a scene of natural activities and boutique experiences.

Not surprisingly many activities here are based around the iconic Murray River such as fishing, camping, walking and canoeing, just to name a few. Combine these with a diverse and exciting range of eateries, a collection of little shops and services and the many unique markets and events nestled along the river, and you’ll have some idea of why Barham Koondrook has much to offer the seasoned traveller or the occasional tourist.

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For CASH OUT facilities head to the local Post Office, Newsagency, Pubs, cluBarham or the Supermarkets.