Welcome to Moulamein

Situated on the picturesque Edward River and surrounded by a great stretch of towering River Gums, Moulamein is rich in history and boasts a surprising collection of things to discover. 

A charming destination that tells the story of the sheering settlers, farmers, meeting of the rivers and more, Moulamein is a relaxed country town perfect for those looking to escape the city and great for families on a budget.

It is also a popular camping and fishing destination with plenty of spots along the river to put a boat in. Fishing in particular is a real draw card with easy access to the Edward, Wakool and Niemur Rivers, along with the Billabong Creek. The Edward and the Billabong both run through the centre of town and have some of the best fishing spots in the area.

A convenient 40-minute drive from the regional centres of Swan Hill and Deniliquin, and part of the Gateway to Yanga National Park, Moulamein is perfect for a day trip or overnight stay.

With plenty to see and do, it’s the special blend of activity and quiet spaces that makes Moulamein a great place to ‘stop-in’.