Our rivers

Our Rivers

This part of the world is never short of a bend or river bank to set up camp with the family and offers plenty of fishing holes for the legendary Murray Cod and Murray Cray.

Murray River

As the third largest navigatable river behind the Amazon and the Nile, The Murray River has ready-built, global iconic status. Barham in particular is centrally located along this route and is well known for its tranquil, quiet stretch; well downstream from the nearest weir.

The Murray caters for all; the canoeist, those in a tinny, those wanting to take a dip and of course, the fisherman, who are often known to get a bite from the famous Murray Cod.

Edward River

The Edward River, an anabranch of the Murray River, runs through the centre of Moulamein.

The Billabong creek also runs through Moulamein and forms a great fishing hole where the two rivers meet.

The river rises at Picnic Point east of Mathoura, flowing through river red gum forest and through Deniliquin and Moulamein, and eventually re-entering the Murray at Wakool Junction.

The Edward River is famous Australia wide for its fishing, in particular as home to the Murray Cod.

The accessible banks also make it a great spot to launch a canoe or a tinny.

Wakool River

Wakool River is part of the Murray River catchment. It splits from the Edward River and flows generally to the west, southwest, northwest, and then west, joined by eleven minor tributaries.

A good fishing spot where fisherman are often known to catch a yabby or twenty!

Murrumbidgee River

The Murrumbidgee River is a major tributary of the Murray River within the Murray–Darling basin and flows through both New South Wales and the ACT.

The Murrumbidgee forms the border of the top-end of Wakool Shire.

The word Murrumbidgee means "big water" in the Wiradjuri language which is one of the local Aboriginal languages.

Neimur River

Niemur River is a permanent stream of the Murray catchment and part of the Murray-Darling basin.

This is another great spot known for its fishing and the excellent riverside camping spots.

Boat Ramps

A concrete boat ramp is located in the centre of town on the Murray River. Right next to the caravan park on Neimer St.

Moulamein: A concrete boat ramp located on the Edward River at the end of Baratta St. There is also a ramp into the Moulamein Lake which is great for the skier. The Lake is sign posted. 

Tooleybuc: A concrete Boat Ramp on the murray adjacent to the River Retreat Villas off the main road. Well sign posted.