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Gunbower National Park is the forest option that generally guarantees year-round access and is a popular destination for all round-campers along the Murray. The park caters for all sorts of outdoor feats with best access  via Koondrook Township, just over the border in Vic.

Gunbower Island was created when the Gunbower Creek diverted away from the Murray River near Torrumbarry & re-entered the Murray near Koondrook, creating an inland island, extending over 26,000 hectares with 19,500 hectares of forest and 1,200 hectares of marshes and waterways. The Island now comprises of Gunbower National Park and Gunbower State Forest, with 130 km water frontage. This area is internationally recognised as a wetland of significance for its importance to birdlife, native mammals & amphibians.  The wetlands are home to rare species such as the Broad-Shelled Tortoise, Barking Marsh Frog and The White-Bellied Sea Eagle a large bird of prey. Autumn, winter & spring bring forth an abundance of wildlife in this region. Kangaroos, possums, emus & lizards are a common sight & the bird life – wedge-tailed eagles, Major Mitchell cockatoos, parrots, wrens & mallee fowls- is colourful & varied.